What we Do Best


We provide a comprehensive range of customized accounting services that allow you to personally design, create and implement a system that meets all your individualistic business needs


Accounting &


Record keeping is essential to all businesses but is often an overwhelming and dreaded task. Don’t be daunted by all the hassle let us keep your records so that you can focus on and excel at the core aspects of your business. We do:

  • Company book and record keeping
  • Reconciliation and maintenance of ledgers
  • Accountant’s compilation statements
  • Interpretation of accounting records
  • Collation of information to inform management decisions


We keep employee records/information and calculate, process and distribute employee wages and tax deductions. More specifically, we:

  • Maintain payroll records for any number of employees
    (monthly, weekly or fortnightly payroll)
  • Prepare employee pay slips
  • Calculate and process tax and statutory reductions
    (PAYE, Health Surcharge and payments are effected on your behalf)
  • Calculate and process annual PAYE deductions
  • Provide TD4 to employees


An intricate, time consuming but necessary activity as a statutory requirement, let us save you time and money by calculating and processing taxation deductions and benefits on your behalf. We assist you through:

  • Personal, Partnership and Corporate taxation calculations and processing
  • Calculating and effecting taxation payments on your behalf
  • Taxation planning



Strategic and Business Planning

Strategic planning provides organisational direction and defines measurable goals. It is also useful for effective decision making in day-to-day business operations, evaluating progress and altering unsuccessful or inefficient approaches. Let TBS help you achieve a competitive advantage and maximise company resources and profits through enhanced implementation, communication and execution of strategy facilitated by a state of the art technological platform.

Human Resource and Industrial Relations

As an organisation’s most valuable resource, Human Resource administration is a major cost driver within any organisation. Deficient and inadequate Human Resource policies, procedures and practices are likely to result in industrial relation challenges that consume time and other valuable resources that would be better utilised elsewhere. Allow us to assist you in focusing on the things that matter most, through Human Resource and Industrial Relations outsourcing.

Governance and Board Evaluation 

As regulators develop and enforce more stringent standards and requirements by which to hold Boards of Directors more accountable, Governance and Board Evaluation is rapidly shifting from simply ‘best practice’ to ‘a crucial element of good corporate governance.’ This paradigm shift is also being championed by investors and stakeholders alike, who are now more aware than ever, of the strategic value that governance structures can add to an organisation

TBS is strategically positioned to meet all your Governance and Board Evaluation needs and assist you in designing and implementing a governance structure that provides a competitive advantage. As an independent consultant with an unbiased perspective, TBS also offers, years of experience, qualified and competent staff and the support of the Centre for Board Excellence, an internationally recognised, industry leader and trusted corporate governance partner for public, private and non-profit organisations globally. TBS specialises in:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Family Business Governance
  • Governance for non-Profit Organisations